Our Clients

As we once said before, our Core point in Hallmark is focused upon our clients Development, this core point builds up a wide scale of services which we provide that would help your business evolve and flourish.


Odina is an investment company that funds and provides consultation to the start up projects.


Dilara is an online make up store that provides high quality makeup products.

Al-Masood Holding Group

Al Masood is a mega holding company that manages multiple businesses in the Gulf Area and turkey.


Mass Capital Investment is an international development institution specialized in financing and infrastructure development.

Ground Racers

Ground Racers is a theme park in which you would have the opportunity to live a daring adventure through Karting. A Unique extraordinary adventure is happening now on the lands of Saudi Arabia.


Guzel is a newly launched brand in Kuwait that serves modest, elegant, unique and fashionable hijab wear that ensures your elegance and modesty.

Dr. Mohammed Daabes

Dr Mohammed Daabis is an expert gynecologist in Damamhour who is continuously growing and upgrading his reputation.

Dr. Shaker Zardak

Ophthalmology is a very delicate medical speciality that needs a different approach when it comes to digital marketing, and this is exactly when our role came with Dr. Shaker Zardak.

Dr. Hesham Diaa

A pediatrician needs a special segmentation when you start marketing to him because he has a specific audience that is interested in what he is providing.

Nova Dental Clinic

Nova is a dental clinic managed by Dr. Marwan Khataan. Mainly what was required is to work on Dr. Marwan Personal branding regarding his skills, and increase the awareness of the clinic.

Egyptian Emirates Group

Egyptian Emirates Group is basically an Egyptian joint stock group that was established by an Egyptian – Emirati experience to achieve the goals of investment and business development in the Arab region.

The Dental Spa

Dr/Noha Anan is a cosmetics dentist that doesn’t only care about you having healthy and beautiful teeth but a magnificent smile which widen its area of expertise to the gums and lips (botox injection).

Connecting Bridges

Connecting Bridges is a logistics and shipping service in Egypt, Turkey and Kuwait. They ship anything from Turkey to any country.

Kuwait theme park

An integrated entertainment city, from the heart of Kuwait for Kuwaitis and the whole world! Entertaining, Industrial and Educational.

Medical Card

Medical Card is a medical care card that offers instant discounts starting from 10% and up to 70% for more than 1500 medical organizations.

MEC Group

MEC Group is a leading institution in providing financial and tax advisory services, which aims to protect business from external and internal risks under the supervision of a group of specialized advisors.

Al-Fayrouz Tourism Company

It is one of the best and most distinguished tourism companies in Damanhur, specialized in religious tourism,, specifically Hajj and Umrah trips.


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